One Quick Post!

This gonna be a one quick post from me.
I was about to pack up my laptop kejap tadi then tetibe rasa mcm nak check blog. Guess what? I won the previous giveaway contest by OM yesterday!! Huehuehue
Happy kejap 😚  Thank you so much OM 💕
Thank you thank you thank youuuuu I seronok sangat!!

So... back to "me"!!
Tomorrow I'll be heading to Terengganu all the way from Perak, convoy with my abah and mama. Why?? Sebab I nak start keje dah, like very very very soon ― Oh My GOD !
I cannot brain, because my brain already stopped working a long long long time ago 😑
So, I hope, all of you who actually saw this post, tolong doakan sayaaa.. Like really please pray for me. I'm literally begging on my knees 😞
Semoga owner blog ni dipermudahkan segala urusan kerja nanti, Aaminnnn

Nervous, takut, sakit perut smue ade...

Hmm, may Allah SWT will ease everything for me and my family, and also for you too 💕

Okay fellas ! I nak sambung packing barang!
Until then ❤


  1. All the best, n u won too utk giveaway kak pip, so bg details ya.. Boleh dm di IG @mrspip18

  2. Comelnya blog awak!

    Jemput blogwalking ke blog saya yg tak seberapa :)

  3. tahniah...semoga dipermudahkan segalanya

    salam kenal dari blog #follower ke 13

  4. Blogwalking kat sini. follow jugak kat sini!

    #blogcomel :)